Friday, October 29, 2010


yep... just a bunch of stuff from life drawing.  I gotta say I'm loving the models here.

life drawing here is nuts.  The models are amazing and can pull off ridiculous poses that others I've had in Illinois could never do.  And they've got costumes.  We've usually got about 5-10 tops to capture the figure and while doing it we have to try and incorporate layout design, character design, and story.  Honestly, it's almost too much for my tiny self taught head to absorb.

But here they are.  I believe these are a couple of the better ones from the past 3 sessions.  The quality may be a bit low and the images may be a bit distorted and curved because of how I took the pictures.  Sorry.


a couple from the structural/anatomy part of class.

I got a bit bored.  So I gave the lady an AK

Also, check out Toniko's blog if you haven't already.  He's a friend of mine who's been to Sheridan as well and he's just uploaded a massive amount of work from class as well.  He's got a very distinct style and he talks about the difference between Sheridan and CalArts in terms of figure drawing.  It's an interesting point of view he's got that isn't very common I'd imagine and his stuff is most definitely worth taking a look at.  I know I always feel like an amateur when I see his stuff during drawing breaks.

He's awesome for sure.  Toniko's Blog

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Pretty much all my Color and Design projects have been trees.  I can just picture my final semester portfolio.  And the teacher's face when she realizes she's looking at perhaps dozens upon dozens of trees.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


yes, so it's been a month or so at CalArts now! And all I gotta say is that there's a disgusting amount of talent here.

Lots of work and lots of procrastinating makes a very bad combo I must admit.

anyways, not having a laptop makes going online quite difficult. Which might actually be a good thing since I'd probably be even worse off if I had easy access to the internet. I've decided to try and post somewhat regularly here. Even if I don't like my work. Maybe showing it more will make me care about my assignments more haha. Sounds like a really dumb thing since people would apparently kill to be where I am but it's hard to care about some of these intro assignments.

but yesh, don't expect glorious art from me. Go to the other CA students haha. They're amazing. Makes me wonder how I'm here.

but enough self wallowing. Be back soon. I'll upload some stuff from last week or something.

Here to fill up some space is a little doodle of my CG Animation teacher Lee Gramling :)