Monday, August 5, 2013

A quick overview of the past week

Hey guys!
I've been posting a lot more frequently on my Tumblr account and I think it's going to stay that way for the foreseeable futre.

BUT, I'm going to keep posting on this blog as well so hurray! 
I like the feeling I get that I can type more words on blogger and I will probably use this site for any storyboard sequences I decide to post online as well.

But since I post more regularly on Tumblr, I thought it'd be a good idea to every once in a while post a TON of pictures over here on blogger to let you know I'm still alive and what I've been up to!
(not that anyone cares U_U)

haha just kidding.  
Anyways, here's some doodles and stuff from the past week!
Mostly in chronological order!

Near the beginning of the week I got a little lazy.  Especially during the weekend when I had to work.  Weekend work is the worst!  But then I realize my work involves drawing and it becomes a little easier to get started.

Some character doodles while at work.
I tried making a marker brush, turned more watercolor-y.

This week I got moved to a new project at work so I spent my last day doodling my coworkers before moving to the other building!

There was a company bbq AND there were free chocolates and crazy jerkies like kangaroo and crocodile.  I felt really self conscious the whole time.

During a lunch break, I went around the area taking pictures of some of the really neat looking homes in Hollywood!  I even got invited into some of them to take more pictures!

Ideas were had, revised, and sidelined within hours

I day dreamed of go-karting and just going fast.

I procrastinated a lot but eventually did a piece for Kristen Woo's Tarot Card Project!
my illustration was for Knight of Wands
Finished some more projects and in general I'm gettin stuff DONE.
This week will be my last week at Titmouse and I'm looking forward to getting some projects off the ground between then and school!

Anyways, that's a little bit of what I've done this week!  
Sorry for the really long post.