Friday, April 5, 2013

Some notes

Here are some quick notes I gave to a friend about how I handle gesture drawing in general.
They're not much and the drawings aren't the greatest since I'm focused on other things but I thought I'd share in case anybody out there finds this useful.

here's the general progression of how I began gesture drawings.
starting from when I just drew what I saw to getting more into story sketching.
Design was discussed a little bit but I didn't get into it too much since I don't think I'm the person to be talking to about that just yet.

you might need to open the image in a tab and zoom in if you're using blogger's lightbox.

And then a couple quick sketches to illustrate giving a character some context in gestures through backgrounds. 

anyways, hope that helps somebody out there in the world.  If not I'll just see myself out...