Monday, August 23, 2010

CalArts schedule

well.... I figured I should post this up since I got nothing better to do. I have a ton of classes :/

I only know the studio classes are set in stone, the other classes I registered for I'm not sure about yet. But right now... all I can say is holy cow, lots of class time lol.


Digital Methods (Frank Krause) super excited!

2D Animation I (Scott Wright) super excited!

Character Design (Rik Maki) super excited!


Color and Design I (Brooke Keesling) super excited!

CG Foundation I (Andrew Bac) super excited!

CG Character Animation (Lee Gramling) super excited!


Intro to Postmodernism (Janet Sarbanes) meh... lol

What is Philosophy? (Adam Berg) dunno how I'll get to this one on time if I stick with it. But if I have to take another class, this is the one.


Story I (David and Jennifer Skelly) super excited!


Life Drawing I (Steven Brown) brutal... 7 hours of figure drawing lol

so... yep. I'm pretty much excited just to be going. even more excited for the studio classes. Not too thrilled about having to take critical studies. I got some transfer credit but only enough to cover about half of the units required for graduation. Not saying I plan on staying all 4 years *Cough*ifigetanawesomejob*cough*. What irritates me is that my calculus credits didn't transfer which means... i'm gonna have to take math. and that seriously pisses me off. I thought I got rid of that garbage in high school.


  1. Someone told me that classes from previous colleges don't transfer over because we start out as freshmen. Is that not true?

  2. no, i have classes that transfer. I'm pretty sure most of the art classes won't transfer.

    but gen eds will. at least some of them. Honestly though, I wouldn't believe anyone who said their gen eds were more challenging than those of other schools. Which is why I'm pissed some of my classes didn't transfer.

    art I could care less. but unless CalArts has a killer math and science program where physics and calculus aren't good enough... I'm not seeing what the deal is. Guess I'll just talk to them when I get there.

  3. Ah, that's good. I was gonna say...How many classes transferred over for you? Actually, how many do we have to take per semester? Looks like you have two this semester.

  4. for critical studies I think you would need 46 total units in order to graduate after 4 years.

    I think I got credit for 21 right now. each critical studies class counts for maybe 2-3 units each.

    anyways, that's what I was told over the phone

  5. aww.. i have no classes with you at all!
    but i have the same schedule as cuttlefish :P
    maybe next year!

  6. i knooowww

    haha I think almost all the AB ppl have your schedule. cuz they split it by last names :/