Friday, August 27, 2010

taking up space on your dashboard

mentally not even present anymore. off in lala land.

random nothingness is all that's in my head now. hardly epic but enough to distract me.

I wonder if this is a bad thing. I know it's happened before but can't recall when and what happened.

listening to some jams and just existing for now :/

can't wait for school to start! :D


  1. Hey, I was wondering if when you get back to Chicago for winter break, if maybe we could meet up so that I can show you some of the things I'm planning to send to CalArts when I apply. And also if you could show me the things you sent in other than your figure drawings, such as your sketchbook. The deadlines coming up and I'm really feeling the pressure. With the new requirements, I'm really unsure of what my sketchbook should look like.

  2. yea for sure. Just send me a message around the beginning of December so I don't forget.

    As far as sketchbooks go, just fill it up with observational drawings as well as ideas. It doesn't have to be pretty and perfect. I can't post any pictures of the sketchbook I sent in because it's in Chicago but if it'd put your mind at ease I can try and find it when I get back and show you it in person.

  3. Thanks a lot. First thing December I'll send you an e-mail or leave a comment to try to set up a day and time.